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Affirmation Book

Positive Affirmations for Black Boys book

Black boys need affirmations to remind them of their importance, to enforce values and to confirm they are never alone. These affirmations will assist in building our children's self-esteem, awareness, acceptance, love and confidence. Written so that our children can directly repeat affirmations in "I am..." forms, boys can easily repeat these daily.

With repetition, these wonderful and strong affirmations will only add value to their lives and those that surround them. As an educator and mother, I personally know the importance of positive representation and how that impacts mental health, confidence, academic performance and communication. 

This book is very necessary for all young black boys. This book is to encourage and show our young kings that you deserve a fair life, a positive chance at life, you deserve love and to feel loved. Our young boys deserve to be confident without feeling like a threat. Our youth deserve to feel worthy and like they belong and have a seat at the table. Better yet, you can own the table and invite others to join. My mission is to teach our young boys about credit, ownership, healthy love and life lessons. It's my mission to make sure I produce respectable young men, with a vision and confidence to know that they can own their own businesses, be a professional athlete, be outstanding citizens and not be worried about the color of their skin.